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AfterDeath has been under development for two years, largely through the efforts of a number of dedicated Buddhist practitioners and media and software experts. We currently have:

  • A six minute, full VR demo for the Oculus Rift, incorporating a number of environments, characters and interactive features.

  • ​​​​A narrative script describing what a player might see and experience in typical gameplay within the full version of AfterDeath.

  • A presentation deck & design manual outlining the specific stages and "look" of the bardo journey, the interactive technologies to be incorporated, and the future development phases of AfterDeath.

  • A detailed financial model with development costs, operational expenses, promotional strategies and five-year revenue projections.

  • A core team, which includes VR and gaming experts, software developers, and experienced tech financial advisors.

BardoVR is actively exploring potential funding sources for the full version of AfterDeath, including non-profit grants, a Kickstarter campaign, and/or private equity investment. 

We invite those with an interest in supporting this project to contact us.

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