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What People Are Saying About


"The Tibetan Bardo is so well known yet feels inaccessible... This can bring it to life and make it more available"-  Lhayul P, 49

"Understanding ancient text in game simulation"

  - Celene S, 34

"The visuals are

so peaceful"

 - Ava Y, 35

"Sound is lovely and approach through space is wonderful" -Angela F, 57

"Not being on this planet... feeling 'seen'... feeling like I'm diving deeper." - Amy K., 34

"Love to experience the book in VR" - Lee N, 41

"Great graphics- authentic" - Dylan G, 46

"Very immersive"

 - Liam S, 35

"Curious about the experience of a spiritual journey in tech/VR"

  - Penelope D, 42

"I want to experience death without being dead" - Randy J, 50

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