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The BardoVR Team

Mordy Levine - Business Advisor

mordy levine photo.jpg

Mordy Levine is an accomplished entrepreneur who has created and grown numerous companies from seed capital to profitable and saleable entities.  These include TeamAlliance Technology Partners, started with $30k and grown to $25 million in revenues within 33 months, and American Asthma & Diabetes Pharmacy, which within 30 months obtained over 3,000 patients and was sold for $3.5 million.  He also founded Greenwich Venture Partners, a fund created to invest seed capital in startup technology companies, where he managed six startups from inception to profitability.   


He is currently the CEO of Lizzy James, an employee-owned, handmade artisan jewelry company with products sold all over the world.  Mordy holds instructor certifications in Karate, Yoga Tai Chi and meditation practices, and is student of Lama Lahang Rinpoche.

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