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The BardoVR Team


Jay Vidyarthi - UX Advisor

Jay Vidyarthi is one of the leading user experience (UX) designers in the digital world. He lead UX design for the Muse meditation headset ($10M+ revenue) and had done UX/UI/PM work for Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, governments, non-profits and scrappy start-ups.


Jay has been recognized by top-tier press and influencer lists (Forbes, TransTech, Fast Company), with more than 40 speaking/teaching engagements in 16 cities (MIT, Harvard, UofT, FITC, CoHack, CHI, DIS). He helped start Toronto's A Mindful Society, an annual conference featuring world-class speakers (500+ attendees/yr) and is the inventor of Sonic Cradle, an early influential paradigm for mindful tech (7 publications, 200+ citations).

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